Corentin Yvergniaux


Camille Jalabert


Oscar Malet


Our story

Like many humans, we grew up together in an ancient forest in the middle of Peru, raised by a turtle named Atatagá. We were born siamese, linked by the left foot. It took us some time to deal with that, but nowadays we really got used to it. Except when we're doing bobsleigh, it can gets tricky sometimes.

After some decades of trying to study cat's language, we finally went to Ecole des Nouvelles Images to learn bakery, but it turned out to be a CG animation school.

And then, everything happened really quickly, graduation, pregnancy, directors at Passion Pictures.

MegaComputeur, Feb 2021.

By the way, we insist the spelling of our name, it's not MegaComputer, MegaCompute or SandwitchAuFromage. That's something we feel very strongly about because of our martian father, but that's another story.